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 initial free legal consultations Are initial free legal consultations important? Yes, they are in a couple of ways. Speaking to an attorney immediately after an accident enables you to avoid getting tricked by the defendant’s insurance adjusters. You also learn what you shouldn’t do during an ongoing trial. Let’s look at how to find the best car accident lawyers free consultation in Atlanta. A. Types of car accidents Here are the six common types of car accidents. 1. Parking Lot Parking lot accidents cause property damage. Sometimes, a personal injury might occur if you were just about to get out of your car. This happens when the car parked behind yours suddenly accelerates forward and rear-ends your car. When this happens, the impact can cause whiplash, wrist fractures, and spinal injuries. 2. Multiple car wreck Car accidents involving two or three vehicles are complex. Why are they hard? Because the insurance companies representing the affected drivers will do all they can to avoid blame. Each company points an accusing finger at the other driver and this can overwhelm a seriously injured victim who’s desperately looking for compensation. 3. Side Sweep Car accident fraudsters use this tactic on solo drivers in order to get away with hundreds of thousands in dubious compensation deals. It’s hard to beat this ring of thieves by yourself because it consists of corrupt doctors and mechanics. You need a car accident attorney whose experience enables him or her to expose the scam. 4. Single vehicle A single-vehicle accident occurs when your car gets into a collision or rolls down the road due to the malicious actions of another driver. For instance, you overtake a driver who’s inebriated and he or she quickly assumes that you’re challenging them to a street race. So, they speed up and push your car off the road and you end up hitting a tree. Once you get medical treatment, you’ll need a car accident lawyer to hold the intoxicated driver liable. 5. Side wreck According to the University of Michigan’s Health System report, 30% of T-bone accidents are fatal. In other words, fatal side wreck car accidents cause approximately 9,400 deaths annually. Side wreck accidents occur at junctions when an unruly driver decides to run the red light. He or she ends up hitting the other car on the side at a high speed. This accident brings about severe injuries because the driver and passengers absorb most of the impact. When you look at a head-on collision, the driver and passengers have a higher degree of safety because the engine absorbs most of the impact. 6. Rear end A rear-end accident can occur when the driver behind was tailgating you. Car accident scammers use this tactic to stage accidents and get away with hundreds of thousands in compensation. This accident can also happen in queuing traffic. For instance, you’re at the entrance of a mall when a car speeds from behind and collides with your trunk. B. 5 steps to take when looking for the finest law firm in your area 1. Look for a personal injury law practice Car accidents cause a variety of personal injuries. So, the best lawyer to help you get the compensation you deserve is a specialist in Georgia’s personal injury laws. Doing this enables you to have an attorney who’s up to date on any recent amendments made in Atlanta’s car accident legislation. 2. Check their status on the Georgia State Bar Association The Georgia Bar Association website enables clients to verify the details of all attorneys operating in their state. It allows you to check whether the attorneys have attained the required academic credentials and their specific practice areas. 3. Find out what past clients have to say You can find out what past clients have experienced with the law firm by reading online reviews on the Better Business Bureau. Your friends or relatives might recommend you to people who’ve once hired the law practice you want to represent you in court. 4. Test their online response system Some law practice websites have online forms where potential clients can submit their contact information in order to receive a phone call from an experienced car accident attorney. A firm that’s working efficiently will respond to your phone call request within 24 hours unless it’s on a weekend. Avoid dealing with firms that take longer than a day to respond to your requests. 5. Visit the office Having a one-on-one meeting with the lawyer you’re hoping to represent you in court enables you to assess several factors that you can’t check over the phone. For instance, the staff’s attitude towards new clients. You can gauge the attitude by the type of reception you receive at the front desk. If the attorney keeps talking about the importance of paying certain fees upfront, you might need to get a new attorney who’s focused on helping you get your compensation before payment. Now you know! These 7 steps will help you get value and also improve your well-being after the accident. A good car accident attorney will help you get a better deal than what insurance companies offer you. Why? Because he or she won’t rest until you receive every dollar you’re entitled to. The Fitzpatrick Firm LLC is ready to serve you in all of your personal injuries need.