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Will A Dashcam Benefit Me In A Car Accident?

How Will A Dashcam Help Me In The Event Of A Car Accident?

Proving liability to an insurance company in the event of a motor vehicle accident can be strenuous and complicated. Individuals who witness the motor vehicle accident do not always remain on the scene and even when they do, you are relying on the police to accurately take down their contact information and statements. 

However, having a dashcam – a camera that records the road in front of you – can do wonders if your vehicle is struck by an at-fault driver. Most dashcams initiate their recording mechanism once a vehicle is put in gear.

Furthermore, some newly released models incorporate the recording of interior audio and video, and some can even portray the rearview mirror. A well-positioned and fully operational dashcam will record everything exactly as it transpired without the concern of keeping track of witnesses.  Witnesses can forget or embellish events and police reports can omit details, but camera recordings tell the full story. 

So if you or a loved one has been hit or injured by an at-fault driver, and your vehicle has a dashcam on it, you should have zero trouble proving your case to an insurance company.

What Will A Dashcam Show That Can Successfully Prove My Case?

  • Dashcams can show the speed you maintained when struck was legal
  • Dashcams can show where and how your vehicle was struck
  • Dashcams can show you correctly and appropriately within the boundaries of your lane
  • Dashcams can show the aftermath of the accident: 
    • (1) How the at-fault driver reacted immediately after impact was made;
    • (2) All statements made by witnesses and other drivers; 
    • (2) If anyone at the scene was confrontational manner;
    • (3) Whether or not the other driver was impaired while operating their vehicle.

Pros And Cons Of Purchasing A Dashcam

Typically insurance companies have to rely on hearsay when deciding the outcome of personal injury claims involving motor vehicle accidents. It follows that both parties – you and the at-fault driver – may not accurately remember and describe the accident for what it was.

However, a dashcam will capture just about everything necessary for an insurance company to make a clear-cut decision. Dashcams make it insanely hard for anyone to dispute the outcomes because literally, all the evidence is available via video.

However, just because one has a dashcam available does not mean they will be free of liability. Dashcams do not take sides; so if you have one, and the video recording clearly shows you to be at fault, you will be held responsible. 

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