Atlanta's car accident attorney, Nathan Fitzpatrick, is a leading Atlanta personal injury lawyer. Specializing in motor vehicle accidents and car crashes, he's a trusted auto accident lawyer among Atlanta car accident lawyers.

Personal Injury Law Case Results

Every case, regardless of size, is our most important case.

By hiring the right firm, you can increase your potential compensation. Take a look at some of our case results below to see why the Fitzpatrick Firm is your top choice for personal injury attorneys in Atlanta.

Police car photo

$3.5 Million

$3.5 million dollar settlement for trucking collision

What you should do after an Atlanta car accident

$1.3 Million

$1.3 Million verdict for driver side collision

atlanta car crash attorney


$300,000 for low speed rear end collision

Car accident at-fault determination


Confidential Policy limits settlement for rear end collision.

Car Accident Photo


Confidential Policy Limits settlement for front end collision

Personal Injury Lawyers Photo


Confidential Policy Limits for Medical Malpractice

Car accident photo


$250,000 policy limits for passenger side collision

Trucking Collision Policy Limits


Confidential Policy Limits for Trucking Collision

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