Atlanta's car accident attorney, Nathan Fitzpatrick, is a leading Atlanta personal injury lawyer. Specializing in motor vehicle accidents and car crashes, he's a trusted auto accident lawyer among Atlanta car accident lawyers.

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Leon Peavy
18:20 01 May 24
I think my law Nathan Fitzpatrick far doing a great job far handing my case and I will tell someone about him as well. Thank you from the heart.
Dakota Jones
15:20 05 Mar 24
Cornika Justice
15:00 02 Jun 23
Thank you Mr. Fitzpatrick and team for doing a great job on my case. He is very professional and knowledgeable!
Brandon Thompson
21:27 29 Oct 22
Gets the job done!!!
Atlanta Goodfolkz
15:28 29 Oct 22
Shout out to my family over there 💯Nathan I just appreciate the communication and transparency. I experienced 1st class service every time I called or showed up. Thanks againSincerely DQ
Jackie Payne
17:44 26 Oct 22
These are the best most professional people in the Business. Would recommend them for any lawyer in Georgia. They are in my opinion the best at what they do.Thanks
Ivy Dodds
18:39 25 Aug 22
I want to thank you all for doing g a great job on my case thank you so much
Linda Dennis
17:04 04 Aug 22
I want to send much Love ❤️ to the firm of Fitzpatrick LLC. Thank u guys for ur great support. Your staff is amazing!!! They were always there for me and ready to answer any and all questions, so patient and caring. Thanks again guys for ur professionalism and going above and beyond the call. God bless and keep you forever!!!Sincerely,Bay, Charlestown, Ma
Kia Priddy
16:14 21 Oct 21
I'm very thankful for the Fitzpatrick firm. They are warm kind and very understanding. Thank for being patient with me. May God keep you and your team blessed.
Xylonda Collins
07:04 09 Oct 21
They did very awesome!!!!! Answer questions my family and I got. Will get an interpreter for Deaf people if we request/ need them at appointments. Stay in touch and more. I highly 100% recommend Fitzpatrick Firm LLC. You won't regret having them as your lawyers.
ReGwen J. Tyler, PMP, CSM
15:08 17 Sep 21
The Fitzpatrick Firm handled my case flawlessly during the COVID-19 Pandemic. During that time, courts were closed and insurance companies were trying to take advantage of the current state of inaccessibility. Nathan was diligent and held the line to ensure we weren't slighted in the least! He and his staff were always professional and he was very responsive. Thank you for a job well done!
john Barton
21:15 28 Jan 21
Fitzpatrick law firm is Very professional. They got me the Treatment I needed for my injuries, And got my case settled fast. I very pleased with the results. I would recommend this law firm. 5 STARS.....Thanks ! Attorney Fitzpatrick...
Mustapha Acolatse
16:45 28 Jan 21
He is literally my favorite Lawyer because he gets things done! And he’s very knowledgeable in his field!
derrick louis
14:08 18 Jan 21
I Worked with this law firm at a point when i really needed representation that i could trust. I felt like this organization was not only responsive but went above and beyond to help me maneuver my legal challenges at the time. I highly recommend this organization if you need someone that is personable but professional and knows their stuff. I will use them definitely again....hopefully i wont need them...but definitely will use if i do.
kenneth cothran
19:53 16 Jan 21
I highly recommend The Fitzpatrick Firm for any legal help
Jewel Thompson
05:53 16 Jan 21
Nate Fitzpatric did an amazing job on my case!! I was looking at up to 6 months in jail and a 2 year suspension of my drivers license and he made all of that go away. I’ve learned my drinking and driving lesson and am happy I didn’t have to pay the full price for that lesson. Thank you Nate Fitzpatric
tony burney
23:25 15 Jan 21
Nate Fitzpatrick is the only lawyer I recommend to my family and friends!!!
Rob Carter
17:25 01 Jan 21
I moved to Georgia 5 years ago and immediately ran into a situation dealing with Law Enforcement. Mr. Fitzpatrick seen me on Mothers Day to start the process with resolving my issue, the first thing I thought was WOW...this Lawyer is going to see me on Mothers Day...shouldn't he be visiting his family. That alone gave me the confidence in using the services of The Fitzpatrick Firm.
sean lavarcier
18:52 29 Dec 20
Mr. Fitzpatrick works for his clients! I can always count on him! He is very professional and knowledgeable! I go to him for any questions with the laws! I highly recommend him!
Donald Coe II
15:29 16 Mar 20
I definitely recommend Mr Nate Fitzpatrick to anyone and everyone.Very intelligent Gentlemen,, very knowledgeable about the law,, and very good in his primary lane in law.Also he is well respected by the courtsand has great respect for the judicial system... On top of that,, he is a great guy to do business with,, excellent character,, and is worth every dollar spent with him and his entire staff..I recommend Mr Fitzpatrick to anyone who wants to get the job done.
Dejuan Sellers
02:37 15 Sep 18
Mr. Fitzpatrick is one of the best lawyers I’ve ever dealt with. I decided to use another law firm and they weren’t getting nowhere with my case so I chose to call a lawyer referral service, which connected me with Mr. Fitzpatrick. Make a long story short, I was extremely impressed with the professionalism and informative staff at the Fitzpatrick Firm. I will refer Nathan Fitzpatrick to my family and friends.

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