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What to Expect When Meeting a Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are prevalent in the U.S. – it records the most road crash deaths, almost 50% more than European countries, Canada, Australia, Japan, and other high-income nations. You'll want to meet an attorney after being in a road accident. For many people, however, this meeting can be overwhelming. The primary reasons for meeting a car accident lawyer are to acquire legal advice regarding the case and determine whether to hire the lawyer on not. The following are what to expect when meeting with a car accident lawyer:

1. Case Assessment

The first thing to expect when meeting a car accident lawyer is to assess your case. The lawyer will want a complete account of how the accident occurred. You'll need to provide information about the medical treatment you received. You'll also need to provide any available evidence like photos, videos, and witness statements. Don't leave out any critical information about the accident, even if you think it will hurt your case. The lawyer will ask you follow-up questions to gather all facts about the accident.

2. Legal Advice

The next thing you should expect your Atlanta car accident lawyer to do after assessing your case is to provide legal advice. The lawyer will provide legal advice regarding the other driver's liability to the accident and the type of compensation you should receive. The lawyer will explain the process of filing a case in court or a claim with the liable driver's insurance company. The lawyer will also estimate to you how long the case can take. The right legal advice will enable you to make the right decisions about the case.

3. Discuss Attorney Fees

Your Atlanta car accident lawyer will also discuss their rates and how to pay them. Many lawyers prefer using the contingency fee arrangement in which they only receive payment when there is a favorable result. The contingency fee will be a fixed percentage, mostly 30% to 40% of the recovery. You will want to choose a lawyer whose fees fit your budget.

Choose the Right Car Accident Lawyer

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