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3 Factors That Could Affect the Duration of Your Car Accident Claim

Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicate that over three million Americans sustain injuries from accidents each year, with two million of them having permanent injuries. Victims of car crashes often consult automobile accident attorneys to help them recover compensation for damages incurred. Accidents involving motor vehicles were most likely to be successful for the plaintiff, with a 61% success rate.

A common query for victims visiting a car accident lawyer is how long it would take to settle the personal injury case. Some mistakenly believe that hiring an automobile accident attorney would prolong their claim process. However, you may end up short of fair compensation, with the payout not being enough to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, or offer restitution for your pain.

Factors That Can Affect the Length of a Personal Injury Case

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to accurately determine the period it may take to settle your automobile accident claim. Each case is unique in regards to the circumstances surrounding the accident. The health outcome of the victims after becoming hurt in a car crash is also different. Here are three factors that may affect the duration of your car accident claim settlement.

1. Extent of Injuries Sustained

The nature of your injuries may affect the time that you need to recuperate. Your physician and car accident lawyer may need to ensure that you achieve maximum medical improvement before agreeing to settle with the insurance company. Severe injuries may take longer to detect. They may require additional documentation and testing to prove their severity. With second and third expert opinions sort, your settlement negotiations or civil lawsuit may drag along.

2. Legal or Factual Issues

Circumstances surround your car accident case may also affect the outcome and the duration it takes to reach it. The insurance firm may dispute liability, requiring additional evidence gathering. If the insurer deems the facts of the case weak, they may offer a low-ball offer or deny your claim altogether. It may require you to hire a car accident lawyer to file a case in civil court.

Additionally, the pre-litigation and discovery stage may take time as your car crash attorneys gather all the necessary evidence to support your claim. It may include medical reports, employment records, treatment notes, police reports, accident reconstruction reports, among others. It may take time to bring together all the evidence together to prove liability and win your case.

3. Size of the Payout

Extensive injuries often suggest larger payouts to compensate for the larger damages incurred. Insurance companies will often prolong personal injury cases with larger payouts. They may request additional documentation, more medical tests, or second opinions or use statements made at the scene of the accident to pin the blame on the plaintiff. You may need an experienced car crash lawyer by your side to ward off the insurer’s bad-faith tactics.

It may be close to impossible to determine how long it would take to settle a personal injury claim. Having a car accident attorney by your side can help you navigate the complex legal system faster. To discuss the specific facts relating to your case, reach out to The Fitzpatrick Firm, LLC.