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Main Causes of Truck Accidents in America

Car and truck accidents result in 3 million injuries every year. Truck crashes are fatal as trucks weigh more than 35,00 pounds. It takes effort and complete concentration to navigate a fully-loaded truck, even in the clearest of conditions.

Sadly, there has been a 52% increase in truck accidents since 2009. Of all these accidents, 68% of the fatalities are passenger car drivers or occupants. So, what makes trucks susceptible to crashes? Many factors contribute to the rise in truck accidents, and you should be aware of them to prevent more crashes.

1. A Negligent Truck Driver

Reckless truck drivers are the main reason for crashes. Driving a truck is tiring and stressful, making it easy for the driver to get exhausted easily and lose focus. A minor distraction can cause a disastrous accident in seconds.

Consequently, driver incompetence like overspeeding for conditions, driving while intoxicated, and failure to apply driving school lessons can lead to truck crashes. Contact Atlanta's competent truck accident attorneys in Atlanta, GA for legal assistance if you are involved in an accident due to driver negligence.

2. Maintenance Complications

The deadliest maintenance issues are malfunctioning brakes. Trucks have air brakes that stop the loaded vehicle at 100ft if it speeds 35mph – 40mph. If the brakes malfunction, these heavy trucks become a problem on the road. The driver may do all they can to stop the crash, but the brakes may still cause a deadly accident.

Overloaded trucks are also a major cause of truck accidents. When a truck exceeds its loading limit, the driver will have difficulty managing the truck, which easily causes a crash, especially in bad weather.

According to  Atlanta truck accident attorneys and experts, bald and worn-out tires bring about many injuries from truck accidents. A heavy load truck with worn-out tires is a major reason for truck crashes. Out-of-service trucks should not be on the road until they are properly serviced.

3. Bad Weather Conditions

Bad weather conditions often cause truck accidents. Fog, rain, and wind are road users that severely affect trucks more than cars because of their size and weight.

Additionally, roads filled with water can cause a truck to hydroplane and skid. This may affect the braking system and cause the truck to lose control of its speed, posing a risk for accidents. Flooded and excessively wet roads also interfere with proper tire traction, which is important for safe driving.

4. Car Driver Neglectfulness

In some instances, truck accidents are caused by incompetent car drivers. Beginner drivers that are not familiar with maneuvering a truck can distract the truck driver or cause a collision that could lead to deadly injuries.

To avoid this, you should always pay attention to the truck's movement and avoid overspeeding or passing a truck on a busy road.

When you fall victim to a truck and car crash, ensure you rely on Atlanta truck accident attorneys to file a claim. Without truck accident attorneys, you risk not getting compensated.

5. Trucks' Cargo

Cargo overload is one of the most common causes of truck accidents. The overall weight distribution of the cargo in a fully loaded rig is also important in preventing crashes from occurring. If part of your load tilts towards one side significantly more than the other increases your chance of losing control while driving surfaces that allow the tires to slide.

What Affects Your Truck Accident Claim?

Winning your truck accident claim depends on several factors. If your trucking accident lawyer proves that the crash resulted from negligence, then your chances of getting fully compensated increase.

Other determining factors include the at-fault party, severity of the accident, injuries suffered, and resulting car damage.

Looking for Truck Accidents Attorneys?

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