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The Fitzpatrick Law Firm is respected and well-known in the state Georgia for helping injury victims fight for their rights and deserving compensation. Our skilled and experienced personal injury attorneys has a strong commitment to the interest of our clients. You can count on us to successfully advocate for the right settlement that you are entitled to after suffering a personal injury. We give serious attention to every case that is brought to us by analyzing every aspect that can be sued depending on the circumstances surrounding your injury. You can count on our support every step of the way if your case goes to trial.

How can we help?

As experienced personal injury attorneys, we are always available to help you get the compensation you deserve to get after injuries attained in an auto accident or due to someone else’s negligence at the workplace. An experienced lawyer specializing in personal injury cases is the best person to go to when you, your spouse, or child suffers an injury in a car accident, at the workplace, or due to medical malpractice. We have a team of specialized attorneys well experienced in injury laws and state statutes. They can categorize the level of injury suffered and seek for the right compensation for the damage suffered.

The attorneys are capable of taking necessary legal steps against the person or entity whose negligence or actions caused the injury. They’ll consider all the related issues to create a solid case against the party whose carelessness or negligence led to the accident or injury. Our team of professional personal injury lawyers is ready and willing to help you or your loved one get the right compensation after a vehicle accident, workplace mishap, development or industrial site hazards, and medical malpractice or negligence. Here are some of the key personal injury services we provide to injury victims in Atlanta and the entire state of Georgia.

Injury after an auto accident

Motor vehicle accidents can result in severe or even permanent injuries. Most of the injuries suffered after a car accident often lead to financial losses to the victim and his or her family. Common injuries attained in an auto accident include the neck, spinal, and back injuries, broken or fractured bones, and head injuries.

As per the State of Georgia laws, every car owner is required to have liability insurance coverage for his or her automobile. Bodily injury liability coverage in the State of Georgia provides a minimum requirement of $25,000 per individual and $50,000 for every accident. These limits are often insufficient to cover an injured victim’s claim which makes it necessary to explore other compensation avenues with the help of a good personal injury lawyer.

The law provides the injured party to seek and recover compensation for damages incurred by the responsible party. The damages include, and not limited to, lost wages, medical expenses, funeral expenses in case of death, and other financial losses resulting from the injury. The injury victim is also entitled to compensation for pain and suffering resulting from injuries and treatment. We understand that monetary payment can never fully compensate for the physical damage the injured victim suffers but it at least eases the financial burden that befalls a person after a car accident. Our experienced auto accident attorneys will assist you to recover damages incurred and more. The lawyers are well versed in personal injury law and will help you get maximum compensation.

Injury after a truck accident

Our team of trucking attorneys uses thorough investigative methods and legal strategies to ensure our clients who have suffered injuries due to truck accidents get the compensation they deserve. We work closely with accident reconstructionists and other experts to make sure truck drivers and trucking companies are held accountable for their carelessness or negligence. We are committed to the successful completion of cases in favor of our clients.

If you, or your loved one, suffer an injury due to a commercial truck accident, let our experienced truck accident attorneys handle your case to successful completion. Contact us today to get the compensation that you deserve to be paid for injuries incurred in a trucking accident.

Injuries due to medical negligence

When you visit a medical professional in Georgia or elsewhere for treatment, you expect to get high quality and effective treatment services and attention. If the doctor, nurse, or physician fails to provide you with the required degree of treatment or care, you can sue them for medical malpractice. Nobody goes to a surgeon or any other healthcare profession with the intention of starting a lawsuit but a lawsuit can occur if the medical professional makes a mistake. You are entitled to compensation if something goes wrong in the course of treatment.

It is important to note that negligence in medical care or treatment can result in further medical expenses, lost time and wages, and other financial losses. There are cases where negligence in medical treatment and care result in permanent injury or a lifetime of pain and mental anguish. In such cases, both the victim and his or her family will suffer due to the physician or medical practitioner’s fault. The injury or debilitating condition caused by medical negligence impacts the entire family severely.

If you’ve been a victim of medical malpractice, you are entitled to compensation for damages suffered including your past, present, and future medical expenses due to the injury. You are also entitled to recover lost wages and compensation for the pain and suffering. A financial award for the physical pain you have suffered does not include compensation for the mental anguish that comes with the pain. You are further entitled to recover other economic costs caused by the medical malpractice such as the purchase of new medical equipment and the costs of moving to a new home because of the disabling condition. Your spouse can also sue for compensation for loss of companionship and services you initially used to provide.

However, in the State of Georgia, as well as in other states across the country, medical malpractice suits are not only complicated but quite expensive to pursue. Most physicians usually have insurance companies who handle claims on their behalf. Insurance companies are known to be very aggressive in defending any claim lodged against medical facilities and physicians they insure. This often leads many such cases to litigation.

Medical malpractice lawsuits in Georgia cannot commence until an affidavit from a physician is attached to the defendant’s complaint. Naturally, most physicians will be reluctant to provide evidence or testify against their fellow physicians in the same state where they practice. It will, therefore, be necessary to do a nationwide search for a qualified medical expert to testify for you. Such are some of the many hurdles you’ll encounter in a medical malpractice suit. Fortunately for you, we have a team of expert medical malpractice lawyers who’ll assist you in every step of the way to ensure that you get the compensation that you rightfully deserve. If you or your loved one has suffered from medical negligence or carelessness, reach out to our firm and one of our professional attorneys will get back to you for a free consultation to evaluate your case.

Workers Compensation

If you suffer an injury at the workplace, you are entitled to full benefits of workers’ compensation. The benefits include medical expenses and your weekly income payments. Most insurance companies are not willing to provide the payments, which is why you need the services of our expert workers’ compensation attorneys to ensure that you get both medical and lost wages compensation. We’ll ensure that you start getting your weekly paychecks as well as compensation for your medical expenses as soon as possible.

Failure to provide you with the benefits, we’ll help you to take your case to the State Board of Workers’ Compensation and compel the insurance company to explain why your benefits have been withheld. Contact us today to find out how we can help you recover all the benefits you are entitled to after a workplace-related injury.

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