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What is a Personal Injury Lawyer?

As a personal injury lawyer, we will be by your side at every step of your legal journey. We can help in a variety of situations, such as medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, truck accidents, and auto accidents. The Fitzpatrick Firm, LLC is well known for obtaining positive outcomes for injured parties. Our goal is to gain just redress for injuries or wrongs done to you through the appropriate application of the law.
In legal terms, personal injury law is known as tort law. Tort law is intended to take care of civil suits that include harm to your person or property, but also includes areas such as defamation of character, breach of contract, or bad faith contracts. In each situation, we can help you through the tangle of legal terms and conditions.

How Do You Know If You Have A Personal Injury Case?

Call the professionals – that’s us – and tell us what has happened. We will gather the necessary information, take pictures, and help you through the steps to discover whether you have a case.  If we believe that you have a situation that warrants filing a lawsuit, we will take your case.  Should you have a case, we won’t even discuss putting a dollar amount on your suit until you are back to health – a condition described as Maximum Medical Improvement. Once you have reached that point, it is easier to discern the cost of your medical care. We can then also discern whether you will be able to return to work or your regular daily activities.

How Much Will This Cost?

The initial consultation is free. In most cases, you will owe nothing until your case is won. We charge a percentage of the amount you realize as our fee. This means that we will advise you honestly as to whether or not you have a case.  It also means that we have a vested interest in your success.

What Process Can I Expect?

First, the personal injury attorneys at the Fitzpatrick Firm can assist you with the essential fact gathering as it pertains to your case.  This will include examining the extent and nature of your injuries, whether there is there permanent damage or scarring, and the potential parties at fault.  After examine those factors, our focus would then shift to you level of need as it relates to personal support.  Do you need time off from work?  Do you have medical bills?  Will you need future treatment?  Will you need a vehicle?  We would look to answer those questions and more about your case.  All we would need from you is honest and accurate information and a simple desire to follow your doctor’s advice.  That’s it!

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