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Best Slip and Fall Lawyers in Buckhead, GA

If you or someone you love was injured after an accident that was caused by unsafe conditions on someone else’s property, you may be eligible for compensation. However, fighting against insurance companies on your own or filing a legal claim will often not lead to the compensation you deserve. Instead, you need an experienced premises liability attorney on your side to take on the insurance companies, investigate your case, and take the case to a jury if that’s what it takes to get the best chance for fair compensation. To help you, we’re sharing some tips on how to choose the best Buckhead slip and fall lawyer to take on your case.

Understanding Premises Liability in Georgia

Premises liability refers to the set of rules a property owner must abide by to take responsibility for their property and prevent others from being hurt or injured. A premises liability claim is to seek compensation for an injury that occurred due to dangerous conditions on a property in which the property owners or caretakers did not make the property safe or provide warning of dangerous conditions. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Slips due to wet or slippery floors;
  • Tripping over hazards such as merchandise, ripped carpeting, broken floor tiles, or damaged sidewalks or parking lots;
  • Dog bites or attacks;
  • Swimming pool injuries
  • Fires caused by unsafe conditions;

In order to have a claim, three criteria must be established:

  1. The defendant had a duty of care to be responsible for the conditions of the property.
  2. The defendant was negligent in how the property was cared for;
  3. The plaintiff was injured due to the established negligence.


Buckhead Slip and Fall

6 Tips to Choosing the Best Buckhead Slip and Fall Lawyer

Whether you were injured by a dog bite while passing by someone’s home or you slipped on wet floors at a grocery store, you need a slip and fall lawyer to help you pursue your claim. To find the right one for your case, we recommend these tips:

Choose an Attorney Who Focuses on Personal Injury Law

We highly recommend working with an attorney whose sole focus is personal injury cases, including premises liability. They have direct experience in your case and will have a deeper understanding of how to build a strategy, stand up to insurance companies, and navigate your case.

Your Attorney Should Practice Due Diligence

Premises liability cases can be very complex and insurance companies will often try to turn the case around and say the plaintiff was at fault or was not seriously injured. Ask an attorney you’re considering how they will investigate the case, such as interviewing witnesses and working with medical experts.

They Will Attempt to Negotiate a Settlement

Trials can draw out the amount of time it takes for you to receive the compensation you are owed, and they can be unpredictable with a jury determining your outcome. A slip and fall attorney should work to reach a favorable settlement before planning on going to trial to help you get the damages you deserve more quickly.

Select an Attorney Who Will Go to Trial if Necessary

Some cases simply can’t be settled outside of a courtroom. While a good attorney will work hard to achieve a fair settlement, they understand the worth of their client’s case and will take it in front of the jury if there is proper evidence in their favor.

Consider a Proven History of Success for Their Clients

Be sure to read reviews and perform your own due diligence to make sure you’re working with an attorney that has a track record of success for their clients and positive reviews.

Work with an Attorney You’re Comfortable With

When you are consulting with an attorney about your case, if you don’t feel comfortable with them, they may not be the right fit for you. Look for someone who will work with you, keeping you informed and providing the compassionate, empathetic legal counsel you deserve.

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Burn injuries can cause immense pain and suffering and should not be taken lightly. If you or a loved one have sustained some form of burn injury as a result of another’s negligence, compensation for the injury may be available to you. However, you will first want to contact an experienced and renowned personal injury attorney that has experience with this type of law. Contact The Fitzpatrick Firm or call (678) 607-5550 to receive a free consultation regarding your situation. 

Important Elements of Burn Injury Cases 

What caused the accident is critical to the validity of your claim. For example, texting and driving, t-bone accidents, drunk driving, and multi-vehicle collisions all are common occurrences that can result in someone being exposed to fire. If you were involved in some form of a car accident, one that transpired due to someone else’s negligence, that left you with a sustained burn injury, you are entitled to compensation. Additionally, a burn injury that took place in the work environment due to a co-worker’s or employer’s negligence also could result in the victim receiving compensation to cover medical bills. 

Will I Receive a Large Settlement?

The settlement amount, if you win the case, is largely determined by the severity of your injury. The kind of damage fire can do to an individual is well known and frankly, it can be absolutely ghastly. Sometimes a burn injury will leave someone in a hospital for multiple days, forcing them to miss work and other daily activities. Medical bills coupled with long-term physical therapy costs will add up. Nevertheless, it’s not a good thing to sustain significant, long-lasting pain and injury, but the greater the severity of the injury, the greater the settlement. Emotional and/or psychological damages also are factored into the settlement, albeit not as much as medical bills and the physical damage (scars) that is easily visible. 

Common Causes of Burn Injuries 

  • Fire
  • Electrical current 
  • Chemicals like strong acids, lye, paint thinner, or gasoline
  • Car accidents 
  • Hot liquids that cause scalding burns 

Being the victim of a burn injury as a result of someone else’s negligence is a situation that inflicts tremendous physical and emotional pain on the victim. Nonetheless, hiring an experienced personal injury attorney can help mitigate the stress and pain caused by the incident, and could potentially result in the victim getting compensated for all medical bills and expenses incurred by the victim.

To receive a free consultation contact the Fitzpatrick Firm today, or call 678-607-5550.

Why You Should Hire a Lawyer After a Burn Injury

Medical malpractice is the negligent or careless practice of medicine. This can be done by a medical doctor, a dentist, or any other licensed medical person. The keywords are “negligent” and “careless.” Medicine is not an exact science, and diagnosis can involve a variety of different factors. While most medical diagnoses are routine, complications, past medical history. or other elements can cause a misdiagnosis. Because of this in order for it to be malpractice, the diagnosis must be shown to be outside standard practice.

How a Medical Malpractice Attorney can help you 

Deciding on whether or not to go through with filing a medical malpractice lawsuit can be strenuous. Medical malpractice cases are very different from ordinary personal injury lawsuits. Contact the Fitzpatrick Firm to go over specific details of your case with one of our attorneys. This will help you get a better understanding of the validity of your situation. 

violence in healthcare attorney Atlanta

Medical Malpractice Law in Georgia

Georgia statute 51-1-27 states that any person who holds themselves out as practicing medicine or surgery can be sued for medical malpractice if they do not use “a reasonable degree of care and skill” and an injury results.

Therefore, If you wish to proceed with a claim you must prove three things:

  1.  A built-in doctor-patient relationship existed
  2. The doctor failed to provide the patient with the required skill and care
  3. There is a connection between the doctor’s failure to provide required skill and care and the patient’s injury. 

Common Medical Malpractice Damages  

When filing a medical malpractice claim you’ll need to submit a statement on how the negligent act(s) occurred and the extent of damages. Examples of damages include but are not limited to:

  • Lost wages 
  • Medical bills 
  • Physical therapy bills 
  • Physical pain 
  • Not being able to work or perform normal social duties 

Statute of Limitations 

You must file suit within 2 years of the malpractice in order to be valid. However, in cases involving a foreign object being left inside a body, it’s required of you to sue within one year of discovering said object. If you had surgery six years ago and just found out a random object has been left inside of your body. You have one year to file a valid lawsuit against that doctor. 

If you or a loved one are in need of a consultation, please contact The Fitzpatrick Firm, LLC for a free consultation at (678) 607-5550 one of our attorneys will call you immediately.

The first thing you should do is call us, the Fitzpatrick Firm, at (678) 607-5550 and explain every detail of your case. From there we will gather vital information relating to your case and provide you with the advice needed to know if you still want to proceed with the lawsuit. Then, if you are fully comfortable going through with the lawsuit, we will gladly take your case. Your mental and physical health is what’s most important, so you will not be charged a fee from us until you are fully recovered. That helps us (and you) decide whether or not you’ll be able to return to work or your daily activities.

Types of Damages/Injuries

Sometimes personal injury claims can be so straightforward that you could handle the case on your own, without help from legal counsel. However, if damages/injuries caused by the accident are serious enough, it’s in your best interest to seek legal representation. Types of damages/injuries in this respect, include:  

  • Fatal Injuries 
  • Wrongful Death 
  • A Groundless Denied Insurance Claim 
  • Permanently Disabling Injuries 

Determining the value of your claim

Insurance adjusters will try as hard as possible to undermine your claim in any fashion. That’s why it is important to have an experienced personal injury attorney by your side to deal with these adjusters. Medical evaluations offer a glimpse of knowledge into the value of your claim. If you have to miss work because of injuries incurred due to another’s negligent actions, you should certainly be compensated for it. The same goes for future medical expenses. Our attorneys will work diligently to get you a sufficient settlement.

If you think you are in need of an experienced personal injury lawyer, contact the Fitzpatrick Frim today.

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