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Our Tips On How To Choose The Very Best Atlanta Car Accident Attorney

Are you experiencing severe pain due to a car accident? Are you worried about the next mortgage payments because your physical pain will not allow you to work? Are medication and doctor’s appointments taking a toll on your finances? You should hire an Atlanta car accident attorney to help you get the full compensation and manage the healing process for you and your family. We will help you restore and rebuild.

You should never try and handle such a traumatic event such as a car accident injury alone. There are many factors in a case that only an experienced personal injury lawyer from The Fitzpatrick Firm, LLC can diagnose!

1. Should I get an attorney for an auto accident?

Even though the law allows self-representation, you lack the knowledge and experience required to successfully negotiate with an insurance company. Google cannot provide you with all the answers you need to build up a strong case. Our Atlanta car accident attorneys will answer all your questions because they constantly stay up to date on recent amendments to the law for car accidents and insurance claims.

If you have suffered severe injuries, then you need plenty of time to receive medical care. Trying to win a case by yourself while dealing with the stress of the unknown affects your health and recovery time. Why do you need an attorney? Because negotiating and litigating personal injury cases take plenty of time and can get messy especially when there is a dispute as to liability. A long stay drawn-out process can affect your health and results.

2. How long do you have to get a lawyer after an accident?

In Georgia, most accident victims have a period of two years to file suit. This duration allows all injuries sustained during an accident to manifest and appropriate legal action to be taken. However, waiting for too long affects your chances of recovery because the evidence of the car crash may disappear with time. The at fault driver’s insurance company can dispute liability if you provide a statement that’s inconsistent. If you fail to secure the evidence in your case and wait too long to hire an attorney, you’ll face an uphill struggle in court.

The best time to hire a personal injury attorney is immediately after an accident. Why? Because you’ll produce highly accurate statements when the incident is fresh in your mind. Also, a thorough medical diagnosis can stop the insurance company from disputing your injuries. These are all key to preparing to receive a fair and just recovery for your injuries.

After reporting the car accident, you may receive phone calls from the other driver’s insurance company. You should not give a statement without first consulting with an attorney from The Fitzpatrick Firm, LLC. If you are confused or unsure about some aspects of your car accident or personal injury, you may make a statement that could hurt your ability to make a recovery. Hiring an Atlanta car accident attorney from The Fitzpatrick Firm, LLC enables you to get the best compensation and recovery by letting someone well-versed in insurance laws do the talking on your behalf.

3. How long do you have to get checked out after an accident?

You should seek medical attention immediately after an accident. Immediate medical care is key to the proper diagnosis and documentation of injuries. If you fail to seek immediate medical care, your injuries may go undiagnosed. Also, the insurance company may use any gap in treatment to minimize your recovery. Thus, it is imperative that you seek immediate medical care and hire an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Should you still go see a doctor after a minor car accident? Yes, you should. Car accidents put the mind in a traumatized state. In order to cope with the high stress of the situation, your brain produces adrenaline and other hormones. That’s why you may not feel any injuries on your body because the combination of hormones hinders your nerves from transmitting pain signals from injured body parts. What may appear as a minor accident may manifest itself as a major injury to your body in the days, weeks, or months to come.

4. How much do you get for pain and suffering in a car accident?

There is no amount of money that can truly calculate the lasting trauma caused by an accident. Pain and suffering is legally determined as the enlightened conscience of impartial jurors. There is no mathematical formula for calculating pain and suffering. However, your award should account for impairment of bodily or physical faculties, the loss of one’s ability to work and labor, mental anxiety, the dread of physical suffering, and any suffering reasonably certain to continue in the future. Such loss or impairment of any power or faculty is a matter for compensation and may be considered by in determining damages for pain and suffering.

5. How long does it take to get a settlement check from a car accident?

Each case is different and the process can move slower or faster depending on the complexities of the case. Our firm will generally not send a demand to an insurance company until we know the full extent of your injuries and have thoroughly investigated the case. You would never want to accept a settlement on a life-changing event like a personal injury until you know exactly how your life will be affected moving forward. Once the case is settled, you’ll receive the settlement within weeks.

If you only sustained minor or major injuries, get a car accident attorney immediately and start building your case.  At The Fitzpatrick Firm, LLC, we have the reputation needed to get you the best recovery.

6. How much does an accident lawyer charge?

The typical legal fees in Atlanta, GA range from 33%-40% of your total compensation. If you receive a settlement check worth $100,000, your accident lawyer would get approximately $33,000-$40,000. The good news is that you’ll pay this amount only after your attorney confirms that you’ve received a recovery. Thus, you don’t need to worry about how to pay legal fees.

There may also be pre-court expenses that vary with each case. These expenses cover costs of obtaining medical records, CCTV footage of the accident scene, and compiling your medical bills plus financial statements for compensation. We will cover all of these costs for you when we take your case so you don’t have to incur the initial expense. Again, no expenses will be deducted until we make a recovery in your case.

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