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If you or a loved one has been involved in a trucking accident in Buckhead and thinks you may have a case, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting in touch with a qualified personal injury law firm. We know that the insurance companies will tell you that it’s not worth your time to pursue compensation because your injuries aren’t severe enough. While this may be true, you should also know that even seemingly small injuries can have serious consequences.

Contact the trucking accident attorneys at the Fitzpatrick Firm so that we may review your situation and determine whether you have a valid claim. In order to find out if someone else was at fault for your injuries, we'll need to investigate the circumstances of your injury thoroughly.

The Truth About Commercial Trucking Accidents

Most people assume that trucking accidents tend to be relatively minor since they involve vehicles that are generally sturdy and well-maintained. However, the reality is that trucking accidents are often catastrophic and can result in severe injuries or even wrongful death.

The reason is that, while commercial trucks may be large and well-maintained, they are also subject to an enormous number of risks.

Trucks are used by millions of businesses every year, meaning that there are countless opportunities for a vehicle to be involved in an accident. About 500,000 commercial truck collisions occur on average every year in the United States, which results in millions of dollars spent on medical bills. Nearly 4,500 people lose their lives annually due to fatal truck accidents.

Many times, these types of accidents happen due to avoidable causes, like:

1) Driver fatigue

2) Driver inattentiveness

3) Inadequate training of drivers

4) Intoxication or intoxication-related behavior issues

5) Faulty parts or equipment on the truck

6) Failure of maintenance on the truck

7) Failure of maintenance on sensors and other safety devices on the truck

8) Negligence of third parties who maintain the truck

Injuries from Commercial Trucking Accidents can include:

1) Brain injuries

2) Spinal cord injuries

3) Broken bones

4) Injuries to internal organs

5) Stress disorders or emotional trauma.

Why You Need A Truck Accident Attorney Buckhead Residents Can Count On

You should never have to face the prospect of a truck accident lawsuit alone. We know that you’re probably thinking, “It was just an accident,” and we can assure you that accidents can happen to anyone at any time. However, the fact is that 98% of people who are involved in a commercial trucking accident - regardless of how minor the accident may have been - will be sued by their insurance company. The reason is that insurance companies make far more money if they can settle with the injured party before their case goes to trial.

When you are facing a lawsuit from an insurance company, you need an attorney who will fight for your rights and your best interests. So, if you have been injured in a truck accident here in the Buckhead area, our attorneys can help protect you from the insurance companies that have no problem trying to take advantage of a situation that is already far too difficult for you. You deserve respect and the support of an attorney who will do everything in his power to make sure that your case is handled correctly and in a timely manner.

We speak with our clients every day in order to better understand your needs and what’s important to you. We want to know what you care most about and how we can help you achieve it.

Statute Of Limitations On Truck Accidents In Buckhead

When it comes to truck drivers, the rule of thumb holds true: The longer the delay between your accident, the tougher your case is likely to be. The statute of limitation on truck accidents in Buckhead is two years. This means that if you wait even one day longer than two years after the accident to contact an attorney, you have very little chance of winning your case. If you’re in doubt about whether or not it was too long ago for you to pursue a claim, call us, and we can help you decide.

This is why it’s so important to contact an experienced Buckhead truck accident lawyer as soon as possible after your accident occurs.

Proving Fault And Liability

The insurance company will claim that it was not their driver’s fault, but even if their driver wasn’t at fault, they might still be liable for your accident. For instance, the trucking company could be liable for negligence even if the accident was the result of a mechanical failure of the truck itself. In order to prove this, you need an experienced Buckhead truck accident lawyer to conduct a thorough investigation into your case. We will work hard to ensure that you receive everything you deserve and then some.

Choosing A Top-Rated Truck Accident Attorney

The Fitzpatrick Firm is a firm that was established to fight for its clients who have been injured in truck accidents. We’ve had over a decade of success, which means we understand the legal system and how to navigate it best. As your Buckhead truck accident attorney, we’ll work hard to ensure that you receive everything you deserve and then some.

We know that trucking accidents are complex, but our team has years of experience dealing with claims like yours. Our team of lawyers has a proven track record, and we have many clients that have been awarded millions of dollars in settlements. We will do everything within our legal power to make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve for your trucking accident.

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